Port areas

Port Križna is the second port of the town of Hvar which is accessed from the passage between the islet of Galešnik and the coast of Hvar (depth is 9m, it is forbidden to anchor in the passage). This port is under the influence of winds from the IV quadrant, but the conditions are much better when there is the south wind. The coast is occupied with boats belonging to the locals. Depth along the north coast is approximately one meter. It is slightly deeper up the north coast, some two meters. There is a fuel station next to it (depth 1.5-1.8m). Except of the depth, one must be aware of the concrete quay which sticks out above the promenade some 25cm. Together with waves caused by maestral, landward breeze, it is best to fuel up your boat early in the morning or in the evening (other nearest filling stations are in Vis, Vrbovska and Bol). That way you will probably avoid queuing at the fuel station. There is a slipway next to the fuel station. There are lots of vessels anchored in the cove (depth from 3m to 8m at the exit). Therefore, do not moor here, because your anchor will probably catch a dead weight on the sea bed. You should rather attach to another ship.