Port areas

The westernmost place on the island, just a few kilometres away from the town of Hvar. Vira used to be a ferry port and now it provides shelter to fisherman’s boats.

Vira port

a) land part:

Covers the coastal strip 91.00m long and 4.00m wide (from point 9 to point 7), then coastal strip 66.00m long and 13.50m wide (from point 7 to point 6). Total length of port coastline is 240.00m. Area of land part is 1370.00m.

b) sea part:

Imaginary line of the local waters is 240.00m west of the rim of the coastline (from coastal point 22 to point 23 on Galešnik), then it follows the coastal line of the islet direction north 278.00m up to point 24, and direction north 435.5m up to point 25, then direction east along the coast 137.0m (from point 25 to point 1). Area of the local waters is 281688m.

Slika luckog podrucja

Everything for the captain

Imaginary line of the local waters is from coastal point 1 on the west part of the cove 130.00m eastward up to point 2 on the east side of the cove and further along the cove coastline. Area of the local waters is 22428m.

Port characteristics:
  • Latitude:  43° 11’ N
  • Longitude:  16° 25’ E
  • Port length:  116 m)
  • Port area:  480 m2
  • Area of local waters: